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What kinds of programmes do you offer?

Our flagship programme is the three levels of Certified International Retail Banker.

We also offer Executive Programmes aimed at bringing senior executives up to speed on the rapidly changing world of retail banking.

Finally, we offer a series of shorter courses focused on critical areas of retail banking including Operations, Sales and Management, Fintech, Retail Credit Risk, and Digital Payments.

For the Affiliate International Retail Banker programme, your website says it is self-paced. How long will it take to complete?

The programme is self-paced so candidates can move through the programme at their own convenience. We find that candidates typically complete the Retail Banker programmes in between eight and sixteen weeks, studying a few hours each week.

Are any programmes not self-paced?

The Certified International Retail Banker level III is scheduled around weekly seminars, taking place over seven consecutive Saturdays. This programme takes place three times a year.

How many enrolments do you have in a year?

For our self-paced programmes, we enrol candidates on a continuous basis.

Please share more about the Institute and the connection to Lafferty Group.

Retail Banking Institute is part of the Lafferty Group. The Retail Banking Institute has its roots in the early 1980s, when Lafferty Group launched a newsletter to inform and educate banks about global developments in what was then an emerging field. At that time, retail bankers were hardly identifiable within banks' management structures, while the credit card and the ATM were barely 20 years old. Corporate bankers became bank CEOs.

Little was published about retail banking but Lafferty Group filled this knowledge gap with its newsletters, management reports, research services, conferences, and workshops. In the 1990s Lafferty Group launched its Councils where senior bankers came together to share best practices in confidential sessions hosted around the world.

By then retail banking was emerging as the main source of profits for many banks, and more and more heads of retail were becoming bank CEOs. Investors had come to value retail profits far more highly than those from any other field of banking.

With the arrival of the Global Financial Crisis of 2007-08, illegal and improper practices of all kinds were soon exposed, and the bad behaviour sometimes extended to retail banking. Inevitably, the absence of structured education and qualifications for retail bankers came to the fore, especially when the findings of government enquiries into the causes of the crisis were published, several years after being established.

After much research and consultation with clients Lafferty Group decided that it should seek official recognition for its work in retail banking education and training. This led it to apply for Institute status to the registrar of companies in the Department for Business, Enterprise and Regulatory Reform of the United Kingdom. Success depended on the regulators being satisfied that the company had been engaged in retail banking research, training and education at the highest level for several decades and was in effect already functioning as an Institute.

The regulators agreed. Permission to operate in the name of the Retail Banking Institute was granted in September 2020.

Which experts will be teaching the various modules?

Our faculty consists of senior retail bankers who have until recently held executive board and similar roles in major banks across Europe, Middle East, Africa and the Americas. Our course material is commissioned and edited by our Academic Director, Dr Ronan Lynch.

I see the short programme requires about 40-60 hours of study. Please expound on what that means.

As the course is self-paced, the candidates are required to read through and understand the course materials on the online portal. Our experience is that candidates typically spend between four to eight hours per week taking the short programmes.

I noticed the entire course is run virtually, is there a graduation perhaps at the end?

The course is run virtually, supplemented by a live interactive webinar for the Leadership module.

Where requested, we can run a virtual graduation at the conclusion of the course.

Are there any exams or assessments?

Each programme has a multiple-choice exam at the end of the programme, with the results confidential to the candidates. Candidates who successfully pass the exams are awarded a qualification in their chosen field by the Retail Banking Institute.

What are some of the main benefits that a senior leader within the Bank would derive from enrolling for this programme?

The main benefits for a chief executive or senior leader enrolling in this programme is that the study of this material:

  • brings you as a leader right up to date with modern retail banking which has gone through a digital revolution
  • briefs you on the opportunities that come with digital banking, from new revenue streams to much-reduced costs
  • briefs you on the new risks involved in modern retail banking
  • briefs you on how FinTech and banking are now merging
  • enhances you credibility with regulators
  • increases your personal confidence and credibility with colleagues/reports
How can I apply?

You can apply directly to most programmes by selecting the programme and clicking the Register Now button. This will bring you to the website where you can make your payment.

If you wish to enrol a number of candidates, please contact Caroline Hastings for group pricing.

What type of payments do you accept?

We accept all major credit cards. We can also provide you with details for bank payments.

Why do I get redirected to at checkout?

If you wish to pay by card, we process all card payments through the Lafferty Group website. Retail Banking Institute is a part of Lafferty Group.

Where will my certificate be recognised?

Retail Banking Institute is recognised as an institute in the United Kingdom, which allows us to offer our own certifications.

How to choose the right course?

We offer a variety of standard and tailored solutions for learning. If you're not certain which course is right for you, drop us a line and we'll be pleased to talk you through the options so you get the knowledge you need at the best value for yourself and your team.

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