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Affiliate International Retail Banker

We provide independent professional banking education and qualifications for individuals in the fields of retail banking and payments. Affiliate International Retail Banker is the foundation level of the three-level Certified International Retail Banker programme. Brand new and with completely fresh content produced during 2021 as the pandemic swept the globe, accelerating the adoption of digital banking and digital payments.

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  • Course details: Online lessons supplemented with interactive tutorials.
  • Hours: 100 – 150
  • Price: €699.00

The Affiliate International Retail Banker is RBI's foundation programme in retail banking.

The programme is a comprehensive introduction to retail banking and covers the major opportunities and challenges facing this vast industry – including digital transformation, competition and partnership with fintechs and Big Tech, the global crisis of climate change – and banking's role in solving the problem.

Our programme first grounds candidates in the history of the industry and the relatively recent rise of retail banking, providing financial services to people previously ignored by banks.

The programme emphasises the critical role of ethics and compliance in banking as a highly regulated industry.

It trains candidates to understand the business models of retail banking, and to be able to identify product, channel, and customer-centred models. We introduce the principles and business models of fintech operations, and the transformational role of digital banking and digital payments.

Candidates learn the fundamental importance of customer-centred banking and customer management, and then gain a comprehensive insight into the products and services offered by retail banks.

Finally, candidates learn about crucial roles of operations and risk management in running a sustainable and profitable bank.

This foundation programme covers:

  • Introduction to Modern Retail Banking
  • Ethics and Compliance
  • Retail Banking Business Models
  • Customer Management
  • Sales Management I
  • Marketing
  • Retail Banking Services and Products
  • Operations I
  • Retail Credit Risk Management I

Successful candidates will be awarded the Affiliate International Retail Banker qualification from Retail Banking Institute.

This course is suitable for aspiring or early-career professionals. On completion of the Affiliate International Retail Banker programme, successful candidates can progress to the second level, which trains candidates in how to manage people and services.

We welcome you to apply today for the Affiliate International Retail Banker programme.

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