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Digital Payments Certificate

We provide independent professional banking education for individuals and companies in the fields of banking and payments.

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  • Course details: Online lessons
  • Hours: 60-80 (self-paced)
  • Price: €399.00

The payments industry has traditionally been seen as a quiet backwater of the banking industry – at least until payments was transformed by digitalisation in the last ten years. Some of the most valuable new financial services businesses are fintechs building new infrastructure for payments and using the data around payments to deliver added-value services to customers.

Retail Banking Institute has developed the Digital Payments programme for professionals in the banking, finance, and payments industries including fintechs, telcos, and non-bank financial institutions. It also provides a foundation in payments for people working in financial services such as remittances, mobile money, and non-governmental organisations.

The Digital Payments programme is delivered in four modules, with a total of 60 lessons across the programme:


For over fifty years, the cards world has been enormously successful in delivering non-cash payments, to the extent that new payments providers including mobile wallet issuers are using the existing merchant fee structures for cards to deliver digital services to unbanked users of mobile phones.

Now on top of digital wallets and superapps we see a growing cohort of private and public digital asset operators issuing everything from bitcoin to central bank digital currencies. It's a truly exciting new world.

On completing the Digital Payments programme, candidates will be able to:

  • Describe the history and evolution of payments from cash to electronic money to digital payments.
  • Realise the significance of banks, fintechs, telcos, and big tech players collaborating in the digital payments business.
  • Describe the main principles of risk and compliance in payments.
  • Understand the increasingly important role of data in payments.
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