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Even in quiet times, banks have no choice but to invest in staff training. At a time of almost unprecedented change in the retail banking industry, training to stay current is an absolute must. The benefit of our training programmes is help retail bankers improve customer service by putting practical customer-centricity at the heart of the bank's culture and operations.

The principal return from training with Retail Banking Institute is the development and perfection of customer service culture practice and mindset enabled by our programmes.

The cost of not investing in building a modern customer-centric digital retail bank is loss of earnings in the short to medium term and failure in the long term.

The lost opportunity cost to the bank is seeing competitors transform their banks into modern customer-centred digital retail banks while your own bank fails to plan to transform.

The returns on bank professional training are in some ways intangible, so its outcomes should be monitored in terms of the qualitative benefits it achieves:

  • Much improved staff satisfaction
  • Staff ability to take on more responsibility
  • Increased customer satisfaction
  • Happier shareholders, who see high-level training investment as vital to the evolution of the bank.
  • The business of bankers is centred on the best interest of their clients
  • Governments and regulators must meet the United Nations Sustainability Goals that obliges them to "ensure inclusive and equitable quality education and promote lifelong learning for all". As a result, bank investment in training becomes more important. This will be particularly the case for female staff.

The improvement on these qualitative benefits could be measured before and monitored after the training programme through surveys.

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